I'm not sure what to put here... I guess I'll say what projects I'm working on?

Currently making 0.7 of Nightmare Crypt (formerly known as Dungeon game)

Trying out 3d vectors (will probably never see the light of the explore page)

Making an associative array library

Writing music for my second music project

This is actually my school account (my home account is Anst3rar, has no released projects).

And now here are my public projects:

Public Projects
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Charles Babbage

You spent 5 hours coding, O.M.G!

Charles Babbage was an English mathematician, philosopher, engineer and inventor. He originated the concept of a programmable general-purpose computer and designed the Analytical Engine.

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Level Design Rookie

You started creating a map, keep it up!

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Greek Art

You spent 10 minutes drawing, keep it up!

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Joseph Jacquard

You spent 2 hours coding, starts looking like an addiction!

Joseph Jacquard was a French weaver and merchant. He built and demonstrated the Jacquard loom, a programmable mechanized loom controlled by a tape constructed from punched cards.

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Game Programmer

You completed the microStudio tutorial series on creating a simple game!

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Digital Art Coder

You completed the microStudio tutorials about drawing with code!

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Trained Programmer

You completed the microStudio programming tutorial series!

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microStudio Tourist

You completed the microStudio tour tutorial series!

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Gottfried Leibniz

You spent 1 hour coding, amazing!

Gottfried Leibniz was a German mathematician, philosopher, scientist and diplomat. He made advances in symbolic logic and his work was crucial for the theoretical foundations of computer science.

XP bonus +500

Cave Art

You started drawing!

XP bonus +1500

Blaise Pascal

You spent 30 minutes coding, well done!

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher. He invented the mechanical calculator.

XP bonus +1000

Al Jazari

You spent 10 minutes coding, keep it up!

Al Jazari was a Muslim scientist, artist, mathematician living in Mesopotamia. He invented an astronomical clock considered the first programmable analog computer.

XP bonus +500

Al Khwarizmi

You actually started coding!

Al Khwarizmi was a Persian polymath who produced vastly influential works in mathematics, astronomy, and geography. His name gave rise to the term 'algorithm'.

XP bonus +2000


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