Hey, I'm this_name_is_taken. Coding is a bit of a hobby to me!

-Programming with procastination-

Coding process:

Get a cool idea ➡️ try to code the idea ➡️ fail/succeed ➡️ get another cool idea ➡️ work on another cool idea ➡️ repeat

My interest is mostly in coding 'tinker projects', and 3d / real world physics.

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XP bonus +1500

Regular Level Designer

You spent 30 minutes working on maps, amazing!

XP bonus +2000


You spent 1 hour drawing, amazing!

XP bonus +2000

Game Programmer

You completed the microStudio tutorial series on creating a simple game!

XP bonus +1500

Digital Art Coder

You completed the microStudio tutorials about drawing with code!

XP bonus +1000

Trained Programmer

You completed the microStudio programming tutorial series!

XP bonus +500

microStudio Tourist

You completed the microStudio tour tutorial series!

XP bonus +1000

Junior Level Designer

You spent 10 minutes working on maps, well done!

XP bonus +1500


You spent 30 minutes drawing, well done!

XP bonus +500

Level Design Rookie

You started creating a map, keep it up!

XP bonus +2500

Joseph Jacquard

You spent 2 hours coding, starts looking like an addiction!

Joseph Jacquard was a French weaver and merchant. He built and demonstrated the Jacquard loom, a programmable mechanized loom controlled by a tape constructed from punched cards.

XP bonus +1000

Greek Art

You spent 10 minutes drawing, keep it up!

XP bonus +2000

Gottfried Leibniz

You spent 1 hour coding, amazing!

Gottfried Leibniz was a German mathematician, philosopher, scientist and diplomat. He made advances in symbolic logic and his work was crucial for the theoretical foundations of computer science.

XP bonus +500

Cave Art

You started drawing!

XP bonus +1500

Blaise Pascal

You spent 30 minutes coding, well done!

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher. He invented the mechanical calculator.

XP bonus +1000

Al Jazari

You spent 10 minutes coding, keep it up!

Al Jazari was a Muslim scientist, artist, mathematician living in Mesopotamia. He invented an astronomical clock considered the first programmable analog computer.

XP bonus +500

Al Khwarizmi

You actually started coding!

Al Khwarizmi was a Persian polymath who produced vastly influential works in mathematics, astronomy, and geography. His name gave rise to the term 'algorithm'.

XP bonus +1000

Active Community Member

You made a public post in the community forum!

XP bonus +2000


Your public project received 5 likes!